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[July 23, 2003 - 9:41 p.m.]
Office scandal

Oh god, this is so funny...

So the annoying PR woman has brought a kid into work today. I don't think it's her son, because he keeps calling her by her name. I guess he must be on school holidays, and have no-one else to look after him.

Anyhow, so I'm sitting at my desk, trying to ignore the incessant 5-year-old-boy whining coming from the other side of the room ("I'm booooooooooooored!!"), when I realise the conversation between the kid and one of the guys has turned to matters of "the baby in [PR girl's] tummy".

Later on, the PR woman comes back from a meeting or something, hears about the conversation, and gives the kid a gentle telling off for revealing "their secret" ("What did I tell you not to say?" etc).

Yep, PR woman is pregnant. 3 months gone, apprently, and she's only just found out. She's been coming into the office for the last couple of weeks complaining about being sick and tired; and in Cannes last month she had been quite ill.

For the moment I'm ignoring the fact that for the next 6 months, this place will be pregnancy-talk central. More amusing is the revelation that PR woman's Premier-league footballer boyfriend doesn't know that she's 35 (she told him she's a couple of years younger), and she's annoyed that he'll "find out" her real age now that she's having his baby.

Hee hee hee! Scandal in the office!! ;-)

Later on.... OK, so the news about her pregnancy is out, and now PR woman is making a real show of it. Rubbing her belly, saying "Oooh, I'll have a Twix - I'm eating for two now!" etc etc.

Fortunately the 5 year old is being moderately angelic, sitting in the corner watching Superman videos.

While idly reading uk.people.bdsm this lunchtime, I noticed that there's a London Fetish Scene munch at the Princess Louise pub in Holborn this Friday - the same venue and date as the LondonPolyBis pub meet C & I are going to. I guess the Princess Louise must be the discerning alternative Londoner's pub of choice. I'm tempted to go and hang out for a while at both meets; I'm sure we'll encounter some interesting people :-)

And hell, if anyone else reading this is in London on Friday, why not pitch up at the Princess Louise too? ;-)

C & I are half-considering going on to Popstarz after the pub. I have been wanting to go for ages, but we're not usually Friday-night club goers.

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