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[July 26, 2003 - 11:22 a.m.]
Poly/bi meet thingy

Well we went to the pub meet last night, the one that had been mentioned on the L0ndonP0lyBis LiveJournal community, but was actually more like a group of mates, some of whom happen to be poly and/or bi, and who happen to go to the pub together every Friday evening.

It was great!!

C & I didn't get there until after 9.30pm, which meant we only had about an hour and a half to chat to people (pubs in Englad close criminally early at 11pm). But the only guy we "knew" - the guy who had invited us to join the group - hadn't got there until 9, so it was OK. C & I were really nervous about going there and "crashing" their obviously tight-knit group (they've been meeting for at least 5-6 years!), but they were really welcoming and lovely. Even though we were only there briefly, they made the effort to chat to us and get to know us.

I didn't really know what to expect, but they were really "normal" people. A couple of gothy types, one or two festishy people, a couple of suits, all lovely and friendly. The only difference between them and any random group of mates down the pub was the very obvious fact that they're a bunch of tarts who all sleep with each other (or at least that's the impression we got!!) ;-)

There was much talk of "scheduling". We have been advised to get PDAs to organise our social/love lives, hehehe :-) We saw quite a few discussions about times & dates going on round the table.

The really thrilling thing is, after all our whinging about not having a wide circle of "friends with extras", we've stumbled accross just that! The guy who invited us said that we seemed like nice people, and that they'd be happy for us to turn up every Friday... So we shall :-)

Unfortunately we can't make next Friday (we have to go oop north for a wedding), but we'll be there in two weeks. They're all going on to Popstarz after the pub that evening, because it's someone's birthday - and we're invited :-)

C is really stoked about the whole thing. As am I :-)


Urban Games tomorrow. YAY!!

Sorry, this was really garbled and ineloquent. I'm slightly hugover and far too excited to be coherent ;-)

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